Part Wall Matters

Party Wall Matters

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 (the Act) provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls and boundaries that divide adjoining buildings and extensions. The Act may also apply where proposed extensions are within influencing distance of such party walls and boundary structures. Anybody proposing to carry out work described in the Act must give their Adjoining Owners notice of their intentions. The length of notice will vary depending upon the works proposed.

We can act either for the Building Owner or Adjoining Owner or, where parties agree, as the agreed surveyor appointed by both parties. Effectively the Party Wall surveyor is representing the 'party structure' and no conflict of interest arises in this situation.

The reasonable costs of all surveyors appointed under the Act is borne by the Building Owner and, where the building adjoins properties that are converted into flats, such costs can become significant especially where a number of different surveyors are used.